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Could you advise why Reckon Hosted keeps freezing. I am having to close down the computer, to re connect. This is most frustrating.


  • Lucas
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    Hi @agofarm,

    Could you please confirm when Reckon Accounts Hosted is freezing by answering the following:

    Does the session become stuck as in you need to end the session via control panel?

    What task are you performing in the software, when it does freeze?

    Does the web browser itself freeze or the Hosted environment?



  • agofarm
    agofarm Member Posts: 40

    Hi Lucas

    The program has become stuck, when I have been uploading Reports e.g. P & L., Entering times on the Employee timesheets, Sending Payslip emails.

    I have tried to unlock usesing the Control Panel, but have found that I have had to go into Ctrl Alt Delete to cancel the program then begin again.

    The web browser is fine, it seems to be the Hosted that is have the problem



  • Rav
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    @agofarm Hi Teresa

    What's happening on-screen when this occurs? Is there any error message or anything else going on during this?

    Does this occur consistently or is it intermittent/random?

    I know you mentioned the browser is ok but just as a test does the same behaviour occur if you login and use Hosted on a different browser?

    More importantly, how large is your file and do you perform regular maintenance on your company file?

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  • Smithclark
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    Hii @agofarm did you get any relief from the Reckon announcement? If yes then kindly tell me your experience. Because i'm also facing such problem. If your problem solve by their administrator. Then i post my problem because i don't wanna waste my time here...........

  • Kris_Williams
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    What exactly is the problem you are experiencing @Smithclark

  • JANE_9714211
    JANE_9714211 Member Posts: 107 ✭✭✭

    Hi Dev Team,

    I am experiencing my Reckon Accounts Enterprise screen freezing when I do invoices. I end up having to close down my computer and reboot. It's extremely annoying.

    It's happened twice this week. Any idea why this is suddenly happening?