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Sonya Herbert
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Im using accounts hosted - i completed my STP finalisation; i did the payroll sumary report; but it's saying i should have done a EOFY compliance report also - 2023-2024 - in the video - i logged into the portal where I go to lodge stp's, but there is no top bar or option menu to click on to do this report? i'm confused.


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    did you export the EOFY STP after your final pay? When you do this you can see the total Gross and Tax for the year which of course should agree with your payroll totals. Once this finalisation is lodged there's nothing more required

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    Hi @Sonya Herbert

    Did you select the Finalise Year option for 2023/24? If so, that will create the STP file as an EOFY finalisation.

    When you're submitting an EOFY finalisation through GovConnect, ensure that you select the upload type as shown below

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  • Sonya Herbert
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    hi - yes i did as above, like i've done the last few years - i just got confused with seeing that video saying i had to do a compliance report ?

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    @Sonya Herbert Unfortunately, there's not actually a default report for STP in RA/RAH … yet (Reckon have advised they are working on developing this but we don't know when it will be available as yet)

    I think the video was just reiterating the importance of checking/cross-referencing your payroll figures for accuracy. I have my own reports created & saved for this - You can find my instructions on how to create these here:

    In the above thread, I show how to check your STP submission figures each pay run. The "finalise" version is using the same report but with the columns set to display by Employee (rather than pay frequency). I then rename it & Memorise again to Add … this additional version to my Memorised Reports List 😊

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