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HI, I'm trying to enter journal entries for manual payroll, but reckonOne insists that I add a contact. But there is no contact and if I add a dummy contact to keep reckonOne happy it changes the journal entry to a sale - but it's not a sale, its a journal entry with no customer and no supplier. Is there any way around this, I don't want a contact and I don't want a classification either. Any suggestions or work arounds?


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    Hi @C_Peacock

    This post has been created under the Reckon Accounts Desktop category however you've mentioned Reckon One in your post. Can you confirm which Reckon software you're using specifically?

    If its the latter, let me know and I'll move it over to the right category.

    If you're using Reckon One and need to perform payroll you will need to add the payroll plan to your subscription which will provide you access to create employees, pay runs and most importantly, send STP submissions for compliance.

    More info on payroll for Reckon One here -

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    Thanks for your advice Rav, I'm using ReckonOne - on a desktop😀, so that's why I chose Reckon Accounts Desktop, seemed logical to me. I already have payroll software of which just auto renewed a 12 month subscription before I changed to ReckonOne, it's simple to use and easy to understand, so I just want to do manual journal entries for my one employee without ReckonOne insisting on selecting a customer/supplier for a simple journal entry.