how to setup salary sacrifice for laptop computer (not super)

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i need to setup salary sacrifice payroll item for laptop computer. the only info i can find is about sal.sac. to super. can anyone help me with the type of payroll item to use for this? im using account premier edition. thanks


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    yep i did but that is all about sal sac to super. i need a payroll item that wont mess with super, but will effect the payg.
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    Mirko isn't that for a novated lease?
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    Hi Tamika,

    You have to think outside the square on this one - bear with me.

    Set up an ALLOWANCE (I can hear what you are thinking)

    Payroll Item List > New Item
    Name - Salary Packaging Laptop
    Link it to Wages
    Link it to Gross Payments for Payment Summary
    Tick the appropriate boxes for PAYG & State Payroll Tax
    Based on Quantity - Yes (this is the sneaky part)
    Set the amount to be deducted - or leave blank and set up on each employee masterfile
    Tick or Untick Super - different organisations have different agreements - Employer may legally only have calculate Super Guarantee Charge on the Adjusted Gross (After Salary Sacrifice/Salary Packaging)
    Attach the item to the appropriate employee
    Process their pay
    Edit Quantity for Allowance for Salary Packaging to -1 (that is negative one)
    This reduces the Gross Wages, reduces PAYG, will adjust Super Guarantee if Ticked

    Hope this helps.


    Kelly Day
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    How do you then process through accounts so that the business can take advantage of the GST component?
  • ZappyZappy Accredited Partner Posts: 4,465 ✭✭✭
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    Have you looked at the support notes?
  • TamikaTamika Member Posts: 7
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    hi kelly, i like ur solution, it has worked well, thanks
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