report on expiring warranty from fixed asset list

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I have quite a few fixed assets with varying warranty periods.   I cant find a report or even field that will list the warranty expiry dates although I have entered them in each Fixed Asset.

I'd like to print quarterly the list of fixed assets that are coming up for expiry on warranty. 


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    Hi Fiona,

    Unfortunately Reckon Accounts Business does not have a report that can find Warranty that is expiring from a fixed asset list.

    You can find out the expiry dates in a print preview format by going to the Lists dropdown menu clicking on Fixed Asset Item List then click on the Item button, Print List and go to Preview.

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    Can I note this is extremely slow and frustrating.  What is the point of having a data field if you cannot print it??
    If I have over 100 items (eg computers in a company) all with different expiry dates, can you really imagine checking all 100 assets regularly??? Databases are supposed to make life easier, not harder.  Please put into the suggestion box. (how hard can it be to make it a choosable field??)
    [feeling VERY frustrated now]
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    Hey Fiona, I've changed the coversation type to 'Idea' so that is is registered as a 'Suggestion' for our Product Management and Development team to review for a future release.
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    Hi Fiona

    As a work around could you use the 'to do list' and enter the warranty expiry dates into the to-do-list, you can also set the reminder for any date you wish prior to expiry
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    Further to this, is there any way to print the Notes field in the Fixed Assets list?
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    And why do we have fields for Depreciation and Book Value when there is no way of getting data into those fields?
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