Leave Liability report showing incorrect liability

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Am using 2 company files - both in 2015 Accounts Premier, one for last FY and one for this one.

Similar issue happening but of course in all sorts of different ways (as only with Reckon I'm beginning to understand...)

Hourly rates not appearing on the Leave Liability report, so although there are hours of holiday leave there are no liability $ (report understated)

When I calculate back the hourly rate the system is using for the report on most people the rates are incorrect (report is overstated).

Have rung for technical support - as with all payroll issues where items are not being refreshed correctly in reports, they have suggested 'deleting' the hourly rate and saving and then going back in and re-input the hourly rate for the report to refresh correctly.  I do not find this a suitable response to what clearly is a 'bug' in Reckon.  I am an accountant working for the business and I should be able to run reports at any time and know that the information is accurate, not second guess whether it is.  Our GM ran this report and uses it to gauge our liabilities - he is working off inaccurate data and the best I can do is delete 75 employees hourly rates and re-input them??

Anyone else have these type of issues?  What is the best way to deal with them?  I am afraid that if I delete employee rates and then re-enter them it will actually change other parts of information in Reckon (I don't trust the system too much in other words...only been using for 4 months and have found this same issue in other areas of the system - had to 're-open' pay cheques at year end and it changed employees payment summaries which now have a variance to their last payslip - pretty serious in my eyes)

Any responses would be most welcome....thank you


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    Edit employee > select Payroll and Compensation Info > Leave Details > Holiday Tab > Tick 'Leave Liability' and presto it calculates.

    It doesn't calculate loading.
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    Not sure what you mean by hourly rate the system uses, but holiday hour rate is the current hourly rate not the hourly rate when leave has being accrued.
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    Thanks Tim for your reply.

    The hourly rate I meant is - in the employee payroll & compensation setup we enter an hourly rate against all employees paid hourly or a yearly salary for others.  The leave liability report that is being produced is using a different rate on some employees to calculate their liability - eg. their 'ordinary hours' item setup is $40/hr but the report is showing a leave liability of $5,000 for 100 hours accrued (using $50/hr as a rate which is not what is setup).  I don't know where the system is getting this other rate from to use in the calculation.

    All employees do have the 'Leave Liability box ticked in their payroll setup so this is also unfortunately not the issue.

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    This is an old issue (once again never fixed).

    Try it with an employee where there is an issue.

    This has no affect to previous records so its save to do so.
    • Go to Employee card > Payroll and Compensation Info
    • Remove the payroll items
    • Click ok to save the changes. (So there is no payroll items in the earnings group)
    • Go to Employee card > Payroll and Compensation Info
    • Renter the payroll  items with theirs rates
    • Click ok to save changes.
    Run your report (check for changes, if so do it to the rest of conflicting employees).

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    Hi Tamara,

    I am sorry that you are experiencing this issue with our software. The advice the technicians give over the phone are usually workarounds to the immediate issue on hand. If you were looking for an alternate solution you can try the following but I would suggest making a backup of the file before trying.
    1. Do a rebuild of the file (this will prompt you to do a backup anyway) - check again
    2. or
    3. Export the employee list via IIF, open the file in notepad or excel and modify their earnings
    4. Import the file back into Reckon Accounts to update all the information in one go - check again
    Let me know if this works out or doesn't work out for you

    Kind regards,

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    Hi Tamara, I have had the same issue with Reckon in regards to the Leave Liability Report and received the same workaround. I've been advised that if the issue persists, it is data corruption of which we'll be charged for. Just reeks of a poor product. I agree with you that this is not satisfactory and that there are other bugs with Reckon. I only persevere with Reckon as the little annoyances aren't enough to make me switch the system ASAP though I plan to when I get the chance.
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    Hi All, thanks for the responses.
    So with around 90+ employees the workaround of going into every person's payroll info & deleting their ordinary rates and then save & then go back in & re-enter & save was not too feasible.
    We went down the path of getting the Data Recovery team to fix the corrupt data (along with another issue).  This worked well....for a month... & now the bug is back & I have written to the data recovery team a few weeks ago with no response as yet.  
    The explanation in the kb article on this is also incorrect in our case (an may be for others??)....
    Reckon does not pick up the first rate if there is more than one entered, if this was the case we would never have an issue as the ordinary rate of pay is always entered as the first line (then there might be O/T 1.5, O/T 2.0 etc).  It actually tends to pick up the last line entered which for us is usually P/Hol worked 2.5 or something so the report is always grossly overstated.
    Looking forward to the next installment.....
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    I have the same problem for a handful of employees ...  The accrued $ liability amount is higher by 17.5%  however the payroll setup is identical to those employees whose liability balance is correct.

    I'll try to delete/remove the individual employees payroll details (as suggested by Tim above), then re-enter the details, then run the report.

    Am surprised and a little disappointed that Reckon have recognised this error but can't offer a better fix.

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    Hi Heather, does this handful of employees have leave loading of 17.5%? If so, the leave report includes this in the calculation.
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    Yes,  however all employees are entitled to the 17.5%  and the report only shows it for about 10% of staff.  I've rechecked the setup for all staff and they're all absolutely identical.

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    Clearly the leave loading was set up somewhere in the system ages ago.  But the 17.5% only shows on selected employees, employed as various stages, all with differing pay structures.
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    Hi Tamara

    I have had this problem and with over 60 employees I have had to go in and delete each person hourly rate then save then go back in and re enter very time consuming but this was the only work around that worked.

    This is an old issue with Reckon.

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