how to record a refund to customer on reckon account hosted?

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Dear all,

How do record a refund to customer on Reckon account hosted?
So actually our tenant paid May rent on the beginning of May. However, due to ongoing renovation happened in May, we decided to give one month free rent for our tenant.
We refund the May rent money on 2/6/2017.

So, how do I record this transaction?
Please help. thank you


  • Kerrie HKerrie H Member Posts: 139
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    Refunds and Adjustments, create an adjustment for the May rent.
  • NiaNia Member Posts: 18
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    Hi Kerrie, 

    Thank you for your help.
    Don't know that it will be this simple.
    Thank you

  • DFBDFB Member Posts: 41
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    Kerrie's approach will do the job just fine.

    Alternatively, you could just issue a payment to them (Write a Cheque) where the account is Rent, and the Bank Account is your standard bank account. Effectively you are giving them a cash refund. Kerries approach raises a credit note that they need to take up in the future. 
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