Hi. How do I generate an open sales order by customer report that excludes the GST component, thanks

karen rkaren r Member Posts: 3
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GST on the open sales by customer report


  • Kerrie HKerrie H Member Posts: 136
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    Hi Janet, I'm not sure on the answer to this one and find that many reports are not editable to what I need.  I often email reports to myself in excel format then add, remove or make functions that suit what I need.  It might be the long way around but I do the same reports so often I have become quicker at it, overall I have probably wasted more time trying to edit the reports within Reckon.
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    thanks Kerrie but I am trying to do it without needing to export to excel
  • DebDeb Member Posts: 7
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    Yes I agree, it is better to take the time getting the report right in Reckon and then save it as a memorised report for the next time. But I do wish Reckon had not removed the function whereby reports can be shown with or without Gst. It used to be an option. Why this is important? Because Sales Orders we want to see without Gst, since most big companies give us their order value as exclusive of Gst. Therefore, when checking our reports to see how much of the big order has been invoiced, we need to see the invoice values exclusive of Gst also. Otherwise they won't match up.
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