Bills not showing on Unpaid bill list

sophsoph Member Posts: 12
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Hi i have a couple of bills that aren't showing on my unpaid bills list but when i go to enter it, it says there is a bill that is already entered with that number... i also cant see the bills on the supplier details list anyone else have this trouble ? 


  • ZappyZappy Accredited Partner Posts: 4,695 ✭✭✭
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    I think they have been paid at a future date. Search for the bill. Open it up and look at HISTORY. Call me if you get stuck Kevin t:0407744914
  • sophsoph Member Posts: 12
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    Thanks for that how do I find the bill as they are not coming up on the supplier list ?
  • Tracey DomailleTracey Domaille Member Posts: 3
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    Control F

  • Glenda VealeGlenda Veale Member Posts: 178
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    Possibly another supplier has the same invoice number which has already been entered.  I do a search of transactions - invoices.  Also happy to talk if you need to. 

  • GlynisGlynis Member Posts: 16
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    Check the date that you have set for when the bills are due.  There are 2 options - show all bills or show bills due on or after a certain date. - that might be the problem
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