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I have been running a brokerage account for 15 years where the "Show cash in a chequing account" was marked as Yes.  This meant that all transactions in this brokerage account were being reported in a separate bank account as was the case and I used that separate bank account for other transactions too.  This brokerage account has all historical cost base details for all my shares.  I have changed banks and all transactions relating to these shares that I own now go into a different bank account.  How do I fix this in Reckon?

I can transfer all shares to different/new brokerage account where "Show cash in a chequing account" is marked as No, but they get transferred at the one specified date and I lose all their CGT cost details.  This is not acceptable.

I can keep them in this brokerage account but all future cash movement go to the original bank account and I cannot select a different account.  If I select 'No' to 'Show cash in a chequing account' when editing the brokerage account, all transactions from the past 15 years move back to the brokerage account rather than the separate bank account and it does not balance (lots of duplicates etc.)

Ideally it would be good to just transfer the shares to a new account but retaining all the cost details for all individual parcels etc.

Has anyone else come across this and can advise on best course of action.  Thanks!! 


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    Thanks for responding so quickly - I so wish I knew the repercussions of selecting yes to Show cash in a chequing account back in 2003 when I began.  I wish I had selected No and just allocated the transactions to the bank account.  I have done this with other brokerage accounts in other entities.  Unfortunately the new bank account which I am now using for share transactions has also been in existence for some time (since 2005).  I just want to consolidate bank accounts which is why I have moved all share transactions to this account as it is now my main bank account in the super fund.  I'll think about your suggestion and see what I can manage.
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    Yes I think I will do as you advise.  I will just do an internal transfer of the balance of my new account to the old one and rename old account.  It is a bit messy but easiest option all round.  Thanks for your time and interest.
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