Hi I would like to know why Reckon is not prepared to allow 5 license reckon accounts Premier to be

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Hi Re introduce 5 licence purchase to own.I have purchased Reckon Accounts Premier 5 license for several years, I am a small business & still running Reckon Accounts 2016 happily until STP !!! ATO !!! Reckon became greedy & have decide to rent the package in my mind is unfair to a small business. I would like to be able to purchase the package as before. I am uncomfortable with using the cloud as we have drop out regularly. I am trying to use Reckon single touch payroll & it seems to send me in circles due to your lines being closed at present I am unable to ask questions, I have previously spoken to reckon staff & I feel they are not helpful thank you take care Bronwyn.


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    Hi Bronwyn - you can still purchase a full upgrade of Accounts Premier if you want? - but if you have staff I am not sure why you would want to do this?  The ATO are likely to make changes to STP over time and tax rates change and various other payroll related matters... so an annual subscription will ensure that you are always using the latest version that incorporates all those changes?  Ever since Payroll was integrated into Reckon Accounts (many years ago now) there has been a subscription version.  What problems specifically are you having with STP?  Have you looked at https://help.reckon.com/single-touch-payroll and also watched the webinar? This is the link for the Desktop Webinar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AyipGk00ic
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    Hi Bronwyn,   I had a similar issue with STP to ATO information transfer, and I did get through to the help desk when I rang much later in the day, I am in WA so called after 3.30pm as the calls were getting through much quicker, still a 45 min wait.  Anyway I naively assumed that I needed to click on Payroll Premier, because that is what is written on my paperwork, when in fact I was advised by the help desk that I needed to click on desktop when preparing to upload my STP file.  Hope this helps, as I understand what it was like and the frustration it caused me.   

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