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Problem with printing Estimates only

LynLyn Member Posts: 18
edited September 2019 in Accounts Hosted
I have a problem with printing Estimates only. When I press print, the window comes up and simply churns over and over. There is a box behind this message which basically says that the font I am trying to print with is not installed. I have rung the help desk and they questioned if I have pop ups blocked. I do not. They suggested I go into the template  and change the font there. I have done this and changed to the same font as the Invoices (which print out fine). This did not help. They then suggested I create a copy of the template and change the font in the new template. I did this and still no joy. What else can I do please?
PS- we have just changed to Account Hosted from the desktop version in the last week. It wasn't a problem before. 


  • NeilNeil Reckon Staff Posts: 108
    edited September 2019
    Hi Lyn,

    It sounds like that template has a Font in it somewhere that isn't supported in Hosted.

    If you go into the Template list and Edit the template to bring up the Basic Customisation window.
    Then, in the Change Font area, select Title then click Change Font and select a Font from the available list.
    Repeat the above step for all seven options in the Change Font For field and then click ok to save the template.

    This should stop the error from appearing.

  • LynLyn Member Posts: 18
    edited September 2019
    Thank you! That fixed it easily. Headache is over!! 
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