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Hi I receive the following message when trying to submit pay run to ATO thru GovConnect.

Its worked fine for last 18 months and now I keep getting the below.

I have checked all the employees email addresses.

Any ideas? Thankyou


  • Rav
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    Hi @1261596

    There was a similar discussion that came up on the Community (albeit for a different software version) which I'll link below. Check out the info I posted in it which proved successful for that particular user.

  • ChrisMCGW
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    I'm having the same issue - I'm a tax agent and professional partner - and am receiving this error for all the client payroll runs I've tried to lodge the STP for from the middle of the month. All other STP lodgements for prior months/weeks have gone through without issue but only the recent lodgements have the issue.

    I know of one client who processes their own payroll through Payroll Premier who has reported the same error too.

    Considering the prior lodgements have not had any issues, I have made sure the employee email addresses are correct and don't have spaces etc., but the error still comes back when lodging with the ATO.

    However, you mentioned to make sure that there is an email address in the company information as well, however, under 'file' & 'company information', there is no option to record an email address under the 'name', 'numbers', 'banking' or 'insurer' tabs.

  • ChrisMCGW
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    Further to my post, I can see in Reckon GovConnect itself, under the 'company and advisor info' tab, all the fields (name, address, phone, software ID & contact name) are populated except for the email address field. There is no ability to update this field. Only the company name appears eligible for editing

  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)
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    In the "Company Information" section of your Reckon data file you need to put your company email address

  • Rav
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    Hi @ChrisMCGW

    To add some context around this. The change in requirement around an email address in the company information looks to be something very new from the ATO which wasn't communicated. All info we currently have is that its not mandatory hence why previous submissions have been successful. It may be an unintentional change by the ATO following system maintenance which was performed recently but we're getting some clarification around this from them.

    In terms of where to add the email address in Reckon Accounts or Reckon Accounts Hosted, check out the below screenshot. Payroll Premier is the second screenshot.

    Reckon Accounts/Reckon Accounts Hosted

    Payroll Premier

  • ChrisMCGW
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    Hi Robyn, Thanks for your suggestion.

    I am following Rav's instructions so fingers crossed :)

  • ChrisMCGW
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    Hi Rav,

    Thank you very much for this. By inputting the email address under the preferences tab, the first lodgement I have attempted has been a success. I'm sure the others will be the same.

    I appreciate your help with this.

    Yes, after their weekend maintenance, online services has had a few issues during the week!



  • Peter Norkett
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    Thanks Guys this has worked for me as well

    Appreciate it

    Cheers Pete

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