How do post additional super

I paid an employee a bonus in December and also paid them the related super guarantee amount. Added Bonus did not apply super automatically and now I need to add that super amount before EOFY which is out by that amount.

How do I do this as the only super adjustment appears to be the percentage?


  • Alexander McKeown
    Alexander McKeown Reckon Staff Posts: 74 Reckon Staff

    Dear Colin,

    In a situation like this, you will need to go back and create a new Bonus item that allows Super to be calculated on it, then reprocess the pay with the bonus.

    Alternatively, you can also add the missing Super amount to the Employee's Initial YTD figures in their Employee Profile.

    Kind regards,


  • Colin Kropman
    Colin Kropman Member Posts: 9

    Thank You Alexander.

    Worked a treat and ATO portal looks good too.