How to integrate Wordpress WooCommerce to Reckon with API

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We have a client that wants to integrate his Wordpress WooCommerce store to Reckon with API. So i need to know how to integrate it?

plz help



  • PhuongDo
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    Hi Shailesh,

    I just replied to your email.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


  • Michael_10585175
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    Hi Shailesh We have an integration resfy to go that automatically syncs from WooCommerce to Reckon and we can you up running asap. We are Australian based and i can personally help you get up and running. Email me at [email protected] and check us out Thanks Mike Founder Wbsync
  • Sharon Erdrich
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    I just want to say to anyone looking at using wbsync, DON"T .. Mike is only interested in himself, not supporting businesses to solve problems and have smooth automation. He takes things personally and will CUT YOU OFF if he feels so inclined. And I mean, "cut off" .. For complete transparency - we had issues with the way Woo handles NZ's GST, which caused a few headaches at the outset. Then we had a problem (turned out to be a MAJOR issue with Reckon), but I contacted Mike (he's very elusive, with only an HTML email, no footer, no phone numbers etc.), who made a change at his backend. Problem continued, so I asked again if he could give insight to the clear disparity between my website pricing and the way they were landing in Reckon. his response;

    "There is something obviously not quite right with your store or perhaps a plugin or something that is giving in consistent results. ​I think at this stage, it is best we go our separate ways. I will refund all your payments shortly and close your account. "


  • Michael_10585175
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    Wbsync has many happy customers using the platform, all of which interact with our team in a polite and respectful way. When leaving negative feedback, its worth giving the full context that the account in question had already been suspended previously due to rude and inappropriate interactions from the customer. Its also somewhat unfair to call it elusive when we reply to every helpdesk ticket raised and spend hours attempted to problem that was not due to our platform. Its also worth noting that this message comes after the customer explicitly said that are looking for another solution and expected us to continue to support them - we also refund ALL their payments, so essentially all services were provided free. There's always two side to the story.

  • Sharon Erdrich
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    Clearly an understanding of stress is lacking. Your interpretation of "Rude" is your own inference. Nothing in my correspondence was "rude". Impatient, maybe. Frustrated, certainly, but not RUDE.

    Perhaps you also don't understand "sorry". A lack of genuine interest in helping your customers is also apparent.

    My last 3 (or 4) emails went unanswered, so don't spin the "every helpdesk ticket" line.

    You chose to cut me off, without warning, without discussion. Interesting that you DID read the email after you cut me off: The reason for looking for another solution is because relying on a third party (you) who can cut one off at whim is a completely unreliable solution. I have never encountered this in my whole business career, and even my IT advisor was gobsmacked.

    So, yes, I asked you for a short-term reconnect, to ease some stress while we find and migrate to completely new systems.

  • Sharon Erdrich
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    Your comment also suggests you only keep the happy ones!

  • Rav
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    Hey guys, lets just hit pause and take a breather here.

    I don't think there's there's much to be gained with the back and forth at the moment so it might be best for you both to get on the phone and have a chat directly with each other about any outstanding issues that are still lingering (if any).

    If there are any issues on our (Reckon) end relating to the API, then we're we're happy to investigate that.

  • Sharon Erdrich
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    would be great. But he doesn't appear to have a phone 🤔

    I asked multiple times for direct communication.. And got no response. So you can kinda get an idea of the challenges, right?