How do I enter in a refund from a supplier?

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Surely, this is a common transaction? I have followed all the steps in Knowledgebase ID 170 and spent an eternity on the phone to Technical support and still no satisfaction.
I have created a Credit, then Made a Deposit (marking the supplier) - but there is no sign of these transactions in the Pay Bills page, to clear them off to each other.
This happens often enough to need a solution!!


  • James Cooper
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    hello I am a trainer in Perth it is a three step  process. 1) go to enter bills and make a credit for the item that was presumably returned. 2) make a deposit to the bank against the account accounts payable and see that in the customer job column you also put the suppliers name 3) go to pay bills and find the deposit and allocate the credit. I have suggested to Reckon that they have the ability to make a credit cheque like on credit cards.

    James cooper

  • Anne
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    I have done this however when I look at the supplier account transaction the credit bill is sitting there with no indication that it has been repaid by the supplier.
  • Michael Grabau
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    Hi James

    I am also in Perth and I have done as you suggested however the "set credits" button isn't highlighted for me to apply as it would in a normal payment.

    I am using Reckon Accounts Premier 2014 on a win 7 pro computer.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Michael Grabau

  • Graham Taylor Automotives
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    Hi Michael,

    I don't know if you solved this yet. I thought I had the same problem with the allocating to the credit note. If you scroll to the top of your invoices screen in the Pay Bills  there should be an entry that has no date allocated to it and the amount showing like an invoice. Click this as you do an invoice and your Set Credits button should un-gray and hopefully the credit you want to allocate this to will already be selected, if not or you have many credits for the same amount unselect/select the correct credit note as required and complete as you normally would to allocate a credit to an invoice. In typical Reckon fashion you probably will not be able to print a remittance for your records as you are crediting the amount wholly and Reckon won't print invoices/deposits/credits that are wholly used. 

    To check that your deposit has in fact applied to your relevant bank account you can got to Chart of Accounts, click on the your bank account and look for the date that you have entered for that deposit and it should have DEP, the allocated expense or income account (In my case Trade Creditors) Deposit as your Memo (I change this to the same description I used to create the deposit so I know what it is) and the amount listed in the deposit column showing money coming into the account. 

    I have also put in a suggestion to Reckon to make a Refund option drop down in the Enter Bills screen so that you can do a refund for that credit note at the time of entry so make this process simpler. Also to allow wholly credited invoices/deposits and credit notes to print on the remittance advice so that you can print an accurate document of what a payment or refund entailed. 

    I hope this helps :)
  • Lyshea Carter
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    What if your supplier credit and deposit do not appear in the pay bills window?
  • Graham Taylor Automotives
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    Hi Lyshea

    I was tricked by this the first time. As there is no date allocated the entry should be right at the very top of your screen. So make sure you have it clicked to see all entries, and make sure you scroll right up to the top of the screen. 

    I would also check that A - you have done the process exactly right, if you have confused the credit/debit columns when creating the deposit then it won't be there in the manner you are looking for. B- You entered the correct supplier. I know we have a lot that are similar and sometimes it easy to select the wrong one. C- Go and check the suppliers transaction list and balance to see if you can find your entry there and how it has affect the balance.

    If you have done what you think is correct and you still cannot find it. Perhaps go back and undo it and try again and also write in here what your step by step was so that if there is something out of the ordinary someone can help you. Very difficult to know the solution when we don't know the process you used and where you are looking for things. 

    Hope you figure it out :)

  • Lyshea Carter
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    Hi J ,
    Thank you so much. I followed the three step process as explained above by James Cooper. The deposit is reflected at the bank, but the credit still appears in the suppliers transaction list and the deposit does not reflect at all in this list. I have extended the date range but still no luck. Hope I'm making sense . Just need to find how to sit the deposit against the credit.
  • Graham Taylor Automotives
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    Are you looking at this from the Pay Bills screen?

    If so and providing the deposit has been entered in the into the correct side of the ledger you should be able to select the 'Deposit' which won't have a date so it will be at the top of the screen in the list of invoices for that supplier to pay and you offset it by selecting the 'credit' from the Set Credits. 

    If your 'Credit' is showing up in the transaction list are you sure that this isn't the Deposit and you still need to go Set Credit to complete the process?

    The only other thing I can think of is to screen shot what you are looking at so that we are all looking at the same thing. 

    Sorry I don't think I am being much help. 

  • Steve
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    Like previous readers, I have follow the steps in this post and still can not see these transactions in the Pay Bills page, to clear them off to each other as indicated by others.

    I'm using Reckon Accounts Plus 2015.

  • Babi
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    Hello All,

    Thank you for the post and sorry to hear about the difficulties.

    It might be bit confusing to address everyone's issue here as it could be related to different things.

    I have noticed of few possible things that might have confused you all, so please try this:

    For all those who cannot see the transactions in pay bill screen, after following KB 170  properly, could be due to incorrect selection of supplier, dates and payment accounts. Please make sure its correctly chosen.

    Few of you also mentioned about not able to see the transactions straight away on 'make deposit' screen. Sometimes it is noticed that when you have other payments to allocate to, you might get another screen first asking to choose transactions but you can still go "Cancel" on that screen and then it takes you right back to the "Make deposit" Screen. Please let me know if still any confusions.

    Just in case if you still want a full instructions with screen shots of the actual process involved from scratch to the end, let me know, I can email that to your address.

    You could email us to [email protected] quoting your customer id.