Transaction before "book start date"?

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to add journal entries into Reckon whoever the software won't let me enter "before book start date". Can you guys please let me know how I can enter the transactions? I need to enter them for the accountant.



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    Hi Lee,

    The book start date is set during the book setup wizard. Once you have completed the book setup wizard the book start date & the financial year start date cannot be changed. 

    I have included a screen shot below which shows you this step within the book setup wizard.


    In your book, go to the 'Administration' menu, select 'General settings' & click 'About the book'.
    A message will appear informing you of the following information relating to your book:
    * the date the book was created
    * the book start date
    * the financial year start date specified for the book

    If you have only just started with this book recently (e.g. the book has minimal data) & as per your accountants comments, require the book to start earlier than the start date that was configured, then I would suggest that you delete that book & setup another book with the applicable start date & re-enter the previous data as well as the historical data. 
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    Do I have to pay for a new book?

    Also can you please tell me how can I backup?

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    Hey Lee, as Reckon One is a cloud product, there is no backup or import of data/backup files. The payments are set as per book, per month. If you give our Reckon One team a call on 1300 RKN ONE, they will be able to look into your options. From a purely technical point of view, starting with a new book it would require re-entering the data. Cost, it would be best to check with the Reckon One team on the number above. ^Mirko
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    that's a pretty awful answer.  I've just coded 4 months of data and can't delete the book now.  What is the problem with just changing the start date?  Instead of 1.4.17 I need to put the 31.3.17 balance transfers in.   Surely there's a solution to this?