How to stop receiving notifications from Reckon Community posts

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Follow the steps below to stop new notifications being sent whenever someone posts a response to Reckon Community topics that you may have been following for updates in the past and now no longer wish to follow.

1) Click on the small downward triangle next to your profile image


2) Click on Profile


3) Click on Email and Notifications


4) Select only the options for which you do want to receive notifications 


- you need to read the different options and select the one that best matches your requirements

- if you do not want to receive anything at all, you can choose to un-tick them all

- if you want to stop receiving notification about specific posts, then you can click on the Unfollow button within that specific community post


- if you want to totally unfollow an entire product line you can do that also

Example: below shows the UNFOLLOW button for the "Point of Sale" product


5) Click the Save Emails & Notifications button

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    Nicely done, thanks data rec. I must admit it took me a bit the first time I tried to find it too :)