On Hosted our Administrator password is no longer working. It worked last week, and I know it's bein

Jennifer Radford
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I noticed yesterday that the Admin password wasn't working: thought it was just me. Nope. Today it's telling me that either the use name or password is incorrect when I know both are correct. I haven't changed it, and the only other person with access hasn't changed it. What do I do know?


  • John Graetz
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    Hi Jennifer.  Strangely enough this just happened to me after Hosted crashed on me.  After three attempts I managed to get it to recognise what the correct login was.  I hope that you might have the same success, by attempting to do this on multiple occasions at the same time - it could shut down though because of too many wrong attempts..  One tip for you.When you insert the password, tab past that field so that the password has been fully input.  It is possible that if you don't do that, you could have problems.  John LG
  • Kim Chapman - COS Business Solutions
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    Hi Jennifer. If you still can not recover the password, data recovery can reset it for you. Kind Regards Kim Chapman
  • John Graetz
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    That is correct Jennifer, but the cost is not cheap as I found out during the past year.  Exploring every other possible option first could end up being a good money saver.  John L G
  • Alex Tan
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    Hi Jennifer,

    Multiple scenarios could be blocking you from getting into the file.
    1. Staff member has changed the password (hopefully not!)
    2. Capslock and or numlock combo
    3. Wireless keyboard intermittently cutting in and out (check batteries or a new keyboard)
    4. You may or may not have a logged in session - please clear it
    5. You could be accessing an older or duplicate company file with the same name but it has a administrator password from (example 2 years ago)
    Some other solutions might be
    • Restore a backup of your file with last known working password
    • Try not putting in any password and pressing enter or try "password" without the " marks maybe even try "admin" as the password etc - generic passwords
    • As last resort contact our data services team to have the password removed ($50 to $300 variable rate)
    What I'd personally suggest:
    • Call Reckon Technical Support on 1300 799 150 to have one of our support team look further into it for you. - Monday to Friday 8:30AM to 7PM AEST free support line.
    Kind regards,

  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
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    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for your useful feedback on the community.

    Please note that the password reset is free for the Accounts Hosted platform login.
    This can be performed by clicking the Forgotten password link on the hosted login screen.

    The password removal service for the Admin user password set within a company data file (QBW) is a chargeable service.

    How to remove or reset an unknown Admin user password in Reckon Accounts (Desktop / Hosted) company data file

    * Data Recovery Team *