Can there only be one user set to Administrator in Reckon Accounts 2015?

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Can there only be one user set to Administrator in Reckon Accounts 2015?


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    There can be only one default user (called Admin) that has full Adminstrator rights.
    This is the same username that needs to be used/logged in as, when upgrading the data file.

    Note: You can create secondary users that have full access to the different areas or functions within the data file.

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    Since this advice is rather old, is it still pertinent? I created a book 2 weeks ago under my son's name and it was working ok while I re-entered previous invoices, then I needed to pass that on to him so I created another user, both of us were able to be given administrator status, it accepted it ok. But when I log in now with my own username it takes me to a new Reckon One and the book I created under my son's name is not there? I tried phoning back the consultant who had previously phoned me to check how I was going, but I was left on hold too long with no option to leave a message. If I don't get answers I won't be continuing with this.

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    Hi Jean,

    You are asking about "Reckon One".

    This particular discussion thread is about "Reckon Accounts" desktop software.

    Reckon One is a different software platform.

    It is likely you create a NEW portal account and in that separate portal account, created a new Book.

    Recommend you give the Reckon One Support Team a call to assist you further.