Reckon Hosted Buttons not working - Save & New / Save & close Buttons Not Working

SandSand Member Posts: 6
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I'm creating an invoice and the Save & New and Save & Close buttons not working.  I can only save & close by hitting Alt N.  As per other threads recommendations I've tried exiting, logging off. Different browser.  No fix.  Been happening for 2 days.  Any help?  Thanks.  


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,785 Administrator
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    Hi Sand,

    Did you try ending the active sessions in the Control Panel and then logging off as well?

    If not, could you give that a go?
  • SandSand Member Posts: 6
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    I did that and logged off all remote sessions.  I've just found that if the floating toolbar is not on the far right of the page the button does not work.  Strange.  But when I moved the floating toolbar the buttons worked.....
  • Bronwyn KayeBronwyn Kaye Member Posts: 18
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    Its the floating tool bar. Not sure why, but it interferes with them. Found this also the case when paying bills and reconciling. Just move it right away from anything important.
  • SandSand Member Posts: 6
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    Thanks Brownwyn & Rav.  Problem sorted.  Move the floating toolbar!

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