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Hi we have been using this company file for over 10 years and it is very large. I want to get it smaller and keep it below 250mb how do i do this easily!


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    Hi Hayley,

    I'd suggest taking a look at creating a portable company file and then restoring it.
    Check out this KB for instructions and other tips on getting the best performance from your file -
    How to improve the performance of your QBI company file
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    Hi Hayley

    Give me a call on 0418 771 971 if further assistance is required.

    John Peppas
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    Or give me a call in Geelong Im a accredited Partner 0407744914 Kevin V Russell BAS Agent 92779001
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    All organised Kevin
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    Anyone in New Zealand that I could please call?
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    Im ALWAYS organised John
  • ZappyZappy Accredited Partner Posts: 4,428 ✭✭✭
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    Email me [email protected] I can call you
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    I use the Clean up Company Data regularly for many clients. Make sure you resort all list to their original order and verify your data file before commencing.  Do a screen dump of the product info (Click ctrl+1) and check usage information after the first cleanup and list information after the final "#".  Depending of the number of transactions I do it in increments of 6 or 12 months, it may take some time. I select all under "Additional Criteria for removing transactions" leave the unused list items to begin with.   NB you will end up with multiple archive files, I keep the first one, rename appropriately "ABC pre 30/6/2014, change the admin password and remove all other users.  Once I've completed say clean up to say 30/6/14. # Now run the clean up once more for the same date and select all under " unused list items" finally create a portable file and restore it.

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    Hi Jacqui,

    Just to make this clear to other users who may read this, the clean-up data utility doesn't actually reduce the size of data files. This is clearly stated before you proceed to use the utility. See below:


    The best way to reduce the size of a data file is to follow the KB article Rav posted at the start of this thread and to also create a portable file and restore it.


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