SAFF file format is broken

Greg TenniGreg Tenni Member Posts: 17
edited February 13 in Payroll Premier
I am trying to export my monthly super contributions to a clearing
house, but the SAFF file produced by Payroll Premier 2017/18 has a bug in it.
I am exporting to AAS Super Clearing House, the clearing house used by the majority of the Industry Super funds.
The main issue is the first line of the records it writes.
The default .csv file has 133 columns of data. Payroll Premier, however, writes the first line with only 5 columns, then 133 columns from the second line till EoF.
This means that when the AAS Clearing House reads the file, it picks up 5 fields in the first line and then throws an error.
If I edit the file in Notepad and add the other 128 commas into the first line, then the file uploads successfully.
I have asked Payroll Premier to fix this, but so far they have refused, saying that their version is the standard default format.
How can a .CSV file with varying numbers of columns ever be considered the correct format? This is ludicrous.


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