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Connor Way
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I've recently signed up for MFA using Google Authenticator on my phone however incidentally the app was deleted. I need to reset my MFA with the app again - how would I go about this?


  • Rav
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    Hi Connor, You'll need to call our support team to initiate this. Is there any reason in particular you deleted the app?
  • david somerville
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    my phone was upgraded and the old one factory re-set. the app moved over but was no longer set up with reckon.
  • Kelly Leaning-Dalley_9070931
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    Hi Rav,
    We have had a new server installed and all of our computers were upgraded and in turn the google authenticator has been removed.  My boss rang Reckon today and was on the phone for quite some time and they reset her password numerous times but the person she was speaking to didn't know what we were talking about in regards to getting the MFA removed/cancelled/revoked and asked to ring back.  Well he hasn't called back and now we still can't use the single touch payroll nor can she log in!  Why is is so hard to get them removed your end so we can re-install them like new?  I understand it's security issue but she rang and did all the checks and he couldn't help her.
    We didn't log our single touch payroll last week as we just got the computers back online so we are already one week late and with payroll due again tomorrow we will be two pays late now.  

    We really need this resolved please and sooner rather than later.
  • Rav
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    Hi Kelly,

    I've had a very quick review of the call and it sounds like there was a fair bit of confusion on both ends on what the purpose of the call was. In saying that, we could have done better and we've fed that back to the call centre team so we can look to make improvements.

    In regard to the MFA itself, I can see that the team member has organised to have the existing MFA revoked and this has been completed yesterday.

    What you need to do from here is to reinstall your authenticator and setup MFA again. Some info here on how to do this -

    MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

    As an aside, we've also released an update yesterday which will allow you to revoke the MFA yourself in future through a MFA Recovery PIN should a situation arise where you need to.

    MFA Recovery PIN: How to set up, view/change and use your MFA Recovery PIN

  • Barbara Allen-Guthrie
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    Ray I have no idea why Reckon have made this so hard, I had to have MFA revoked last payrun, and again today.  So now it is revoked and I followed the Youtube on setting up a new app, scanning barcode etc... all done, but I just keep getting the error message and still cannot use it, so nothing has changed at all.
    I am finding the whole process really hard to use, and no troubleshoot guide to help me.
  • Gyanu Acharya Lonie
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    None of the provided links work

  • Rav
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    Thanks for the heads up @Gyanu Acharya Lonie

    My previous reply above is 5 years old now (how time flies! 😄) so things have been updated since then. I've gone ahead and edited it with more up-to-date links to our help articles.

    Please note, I've also replied to your own post that you've created HERE.

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