Is there a way I can change an invoice template for a range of invoices?

SandySandy Member Posts: 3
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I have changed my invoice template in the last year. Every time I open up an older invoice it is displayed as the old template. My staff forget to change the template before emailing and is causing us to look like idiots.


  • NicolaNicola Member Posts: 17
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    Hi Sandy
    Sorry no there is no way to go back and change any existing invoices that currently show an old template - bar going into each one and physically updating it before sending.
    I understand that this is not great so the only other work around you have is to change the old template - not to make a copy of it - but instead amend it to how you want the invoice to look and that way the "old" template becomes the new, without creating a new template.
  • SandySandy Member Posts: 3
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    Yeah I thought of that but just thought I'd ask. Thanks
  • Data RecData Rec Reckon Staff Posts: 816 ✭✭
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    Hi Sandy,

    If you want to bulk-replace the invoice template that is set on all older invoices to a newer template you have created, the Data Recovery Team can do this for you.

    However it is a chargeable service.

    Click the link to Submit a request for a Reckon data service 

    In your service request you will need to:

    - describe the problem as accurately as you can
    - let us know the name of the older template that you want to be replaced
    - let us know the name of the newer template that you want to be used


    Data Recovery Team


    Reckon Data Recovery Team

    You can request assistance via the case request web form below.

  • Kwikbooks (Professional Partner)Kwikbooks (Professional Partner) Member Posts: 876
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    Hi Sandy
    Try making the old invoice template 'inactive' it will default to the next closest template, this may or may not be your new one, therefore may or may not help.  Unless you have only one active template.
  • Regula WaserRegula Waser Member Posts: 8
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    How do you do that? I tried and it doesn't let me save it.
  • SandySandy Member Posts: 3
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    Yeah I did that but would still revert to the inactive template. I have made both of them the same now and seems to be working. Thanks 
  • NicolaNicola Member Posts: 17
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    It would only not work if you had never changed the original Reckon Invoice template - one of the original invoices that come with the software - eg. Reckon Product Invoice or Reckon Professional Invoice etc.  
    But if you amended it in the first instance - which most people have as the invoices aren't very nice looking + the Tax Number is in the wrong place - you can then update/amend and save what you want to change instead of creating another copy of the invoice.  If you already have multiple copies of the invoices, you will need to amend each one (or the ones you want changed) for the changes to take place for any existing invoices raised.
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