DATA RECOVERY: Reckon Accounts Personal range backup recommendations

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Your Reckon Accounts personal range (Desktop) data file set would be comprised of multiple files with the same name with different file extensions.

<Filename>.<file extension>


The files you need to send us are the one with the following file extensionsExample file names:

QDATA.QDF – this is the main component

– it may also appear with the name "My Company File" not displaying the QBW file extension

QDATA.QSD – these are supplementary files

QDATA.QEL – these are supplementary files

QDATA.QPH – these are supplementary files

QDATA.RKN – this is a compressed backup set

Recommended backup strategy

Create a new BACKUP folder on your computer or use the existing one created by Reckon Accounts Personal range.

- Inside that folder, create sub-folders representing each month.

- Inside each monthly folder, create sub-folders representing each week.

- Inside each weekly folder, create sub-folders representing each day (or every other day).


If using the built-in backup feature of the Reckon Accounts Personal range software, untick the feature that adds the date to the file name.



Make a backup of your current Reckon Accounts Personal range data file set and place it in the appropriate sub-folder.

Alternatively if you are comfortable copying files using Windows Explorer, simply locate your current data file set and copy them to the appropriate Backup sub-folder.

You can then choose to synchronise that BACKUP folder to store 'copy' of your data file sets on any cloud/online file storage service you prefer such as DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.

Note: You will need to make use of the instructions specific to the cloud service you are using.


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