DATA RECOVERY: How to resolve the Unrecoverable Error 1414705868 in Reckon Accounts business range

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If you encounter a problem when creating a backup of your data files where you see an error message: 'Reckon Accounts - Unrecoverable Error Code: 14147 05868" it may be due to a problem that has occurred with the installed software.

This means that there is an actual QBB (Backup) file being created, however once the backup process completes, the error message is displayed.

Try the following support article.
Performing a clean un-install and re-install of Reckon Accounts Business

If after attempting those steps you still have no resolution, we recommend you consult further with the Technical Support Team regarding the software installation, considering factors such as Windows user account permissions, folder locations, folder path lengths, etc.

We recommend that you also perform a file integrity check by following the support article.

DATA RECOVERY: How to Verify Data and Rebuild Data for a company data file in Reckon Accounts business range (Desktop)


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