No Accounts in drop down list after conversion to Reckon Accounts Plus 2020

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Hi we have converted data from an old year 2000 QB program to Reckon Accounts Plus 2020. The data is see in the chart of accounts section however they do not appear in the drop down list to select when processing entries.

Does this need to be done manually? Or a step of data conversion that has been missed?

Thank you 


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    Hi frankcv,

    When you are entering a transaction such as a journal, invoice, bill, etc if you cannot see an account or any other list item such as customer names, supplier names, item name it would be because they are 'inactive'.

    • Click Lists at the top menu bar.
    • Choose Chart of Accounts.
    • At the bottom, click the drop-down arrow.
    • Select Show Inactive Accounts.
    • Hit the X mark beside the inactive accounts to make the account active again.


    Reckon Data Recovery Team


    Reckon Data Recovery Team

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