Invalid WPN for Reckon GovConnect - Single Touch Payroll

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When trying to connect to set up my Reckon GovConnect - Single Touch Payroll, my WPN is coming up as an "Invalid ABN". There are some prior Community discussions related to this, but they are dated and imply that the WPN functionality was not previously available as there was an STP exemption for WPN holders until 1 July 2021.

1 July 2021 is fast approaching and I wanted to confirm whether (1) WPN linkages to GovConnect are now live and (2) if not, when it will be made available?

This is obviously critical functionality for compliance with STP and, in its absence, makes the Payroll functionality largely redundant.



  • Rav
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    Hi @denh

    The GovConnect service supports WPN's.

    Please note, WPN submissions can only be carried out by a tax agent as per the ATO mandate.

    To add a WPN enter 00 prior to the WPN ie. 00123456789

    You also need to be setup as an agent in GovConnect

  • mehrdadpermeh
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    I have similar issue with connecting to GovConnect.

    We are registered for STP for Rackon One and Desktop. we have got software ID and recovery pin (from Reckon Desktop)

    Now we want to use Gov Connect which required connect for the first time. please see below.

    Could you please advise how we can sort the issue?