Change in bookkeeper and using Govconnect (desktop accounts)

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Hi the previous bookkeeper set up STP with her personal log in BAS agent details.

We are now trying to lodge STP reports and we are unable to use the Govconnect as it comes up with this ABN & branch number is already registered.

Getting the previous login details from the old bookkeeper is not an option.

Are we able to take her association with the this ABN off so that we can lodge the STP and finalise the income statements?



  • Rav
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    Hi @CFrost

    Has the STP entity been setup by the bookkeeper and then also shared with you OR is it exclusively in the account that the bookkeeper?

    A potential option is to transfer the ownership of the existing STP entity from the current account to the recipient (your account). You'll need to have a chat with our Support team to kick this off as there are some security requirements around this including a statutory declaration.

    Once the transfer of ownership is completed, the STP entity will be removed from the existing account and live exclusively in the receiving party's account from that point forward.

  • CFrost
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    Thanks Rav.

    It is exclusively with the account of the bookkeeper.

    I'll contact the support team.