Recording a Share sale and being told it's a short sale on Reckon Home & Business 2021

I am trying to record a share transaction selling a holding of 10,000 shares in WQG which is WAM Global Growth Limited a Company listed on the ASX. The Company was previously under a different code, I have updated the code in the Security Details and it shows I have a holding of 10,000 but when I try to record the sale of the shares it doesn't recognise a current holding and tells me I am short selling. Also, when I use the Stock Code Search it doesn't register the code as belonging to a current listed Company. Has anyone else had this problem?


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,092 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @MargotHickey

    I've just tried to add the WQG ticker in Personal Plus 2021 via the following configuration which worked successfully and I received the following price info below.

    Bypass the 'Look up'/search option and just enter the ticker code in the Symbol field. Are you then able to add the new security by doing so?

  • MargotHickey
    MargotHickey Member Posts: 2

    Hi Rav thanks for your comment, I have amended the ticker code see below screenshot of my holding

    my holding balance in the portfolio view also shows 10,000

    when i try to register the sale this is what happens

    please help me sort this out

    kind regards


  • Binalong
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    I have been told I am attempting to record a short transaction whenever I try to record a sale of shares in Personal Plus 2021. What’s the difference? I used to be able to record a sale, but have had to put them in as shorts now just to get them entered.

    can you explain why the program is doing this?