new payroll for new finanacial year

theotheo Member Posts: 3

i cant edit my employees detials to input


tax and super


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,676 Community Manager

    Hi @theo

    Step me through what you're trying to do in the app and how.

    Are you trying to create a NEW pay run in the Payroll App for the 2021/22 year OR are you trying to edit employee balances for the previous financial year?

    Have you migrated from the STP app OR have you just created a brand new account on the Payroll App for this year onward?

  • theotheo Member Posts: 3

    i have create new payroll for the first of this new fin year

    i cant edit each employee details for weekly pay

    wheni selct edit it takes me to eidt pay detials

    and not to the screen that you normally edit for wages tax ans super

  • theotheo Member Posts: 3

    i have been using the app for a few months

    trying to do a new payroll dated 8 july 2021

    it is showing as a draft when i select employee and edit it goes to

    earnings add item

    superannution etc how to calculate gtee

    my previous fin year runs have worked

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,676 Community Manager

    Did you create the pay runs for the previous financial year in this Payroll App OR the old STP app?

    The Payroll App is a fair bit different from the STP app and works by creating actual pay runs and sending this data to the ATO via your STP submissions. This will be particularly important when the ATO's Single Touch Payroll phase 2 kicks in which requires stricter itemization of certain pays and what they are made up of.

    If you were using the STP app previously, its reporting method of just entering in a balance in manually will no longer be compliant under STP phase 2 and as such we need a payroll-centric solution in order for our users to remain compliant with their reporting.

    I'd recommend checking out the info in the help guide below, it will assist in getting you started with how to create a pay run in the Payroll App -

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