How to Pay Extra Superannuation

I have read some of the comments listed but I still don't have a clear understanding of how to pay more than the specified 10% amount into Super without it altering the Gross or Net Pay amounts. It was achievable in the former STP and I would appreciate a your assistance on how to achieve this. In my last pay run I was advised of the 10% amount. In my entry into the Super Clearing House I nominated the amount I wanted to pay. There is now an imbalance as to the amount the ATO specified and the amount the Super Clearing House has been paid. How do you reconcile the difference? Thanks for your help.


  • Rav
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    The rate for super guarantee can be customised to anything you like when creating a pay run. To do so, tap on the Super Guarantee field when entering the pay details for an employee and amend the rate at which you'd like to super guarantee to calculate.

    There's a visual representation of this in the 'Creating a Pay Run' help video which I'll link below -

    Please note however, employee additional (EA) super is not currently supported in the Payroll App. This functionality is currently scheduled for inclusion in the Payroll App early next year.