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I am currently changing over to Reckon One and have STP from reckon accounts to lodge and it won't upload the message i get is that the stp need updating, I am a current member of reckon one which is no problems, and still have until november before the reckon accounts expires. Is this a reckon problem or ATO problem?


  • Kris_Williams
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    Have you changed the software ID yet on the tax portal. If you haven’t and are still lodging via Reckon accounts that shouldn’t be the problem. At what stage is the message occurring?

  • Rav
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    Which version of Reckon Accounts are you using?

    You will need to ensure you have Reckon Accounts 2021 with the tax table update for the current (2021/20222) financial year update installed in order to send submissions via GovConnect.

  • 648076
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    That could be the problem Kris will check it out thanks😊the message comes up when i try to upload to the STP