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Setting up super

ckinspire Member Posts: 41

Hi please could you send me a link for a help video on setting up super in Rekon payroll app.

Many thanks Kerry


  • swakhlu01 .
    swakhlu01 . Member Posts: 475 Payroll App Expert Payroll App Expert

    @ckinspire are you referring to how to alter superannuation guarantee rates when creating employee Payruns in Payroll app.

    Perhap a bit more detail on what you want to achieve would enable a more targetted assistance.

  • ckinspire
    ckinspire Member Posts: 41

    Hi thanks for your reply. I am not sure if I have set the super guarantee in payroll app up correctly.

    I pay a casual employee $93.50 a week at it is calculating super at $9.82 a week. Just wondering if that is correct.

  • Rav
    Rav Administrator Posts: 13,249 Community Manager Community Manager


    Hi Kerry

    Super will calculate at the default rate of 10.5% for any earnings when using an ordinary time earnings (OTE) pay item that has been set to calculate super.

    This is in line with the removal of the previous $450 minimum monthly threshold and super guarantee rate increase. See info from the ATO on this here and here.