Is anyone else's Reckon Accounts Hosted constantly dropping out?

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We are having no issues with our internet service, all other internet-based services are working correctly, however Reckon keeps dropping out and attempts to reconnect, sometimes this will reconnect straight away but other times it will not.


  • Rav
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    Hi Ann

    Does this occur when you're doing something specific within Hosted or is it random?

    Do you encounter any specific error messages at the time you lose connection?

    Can you please log off any existing sessions in the Hosted control panel then logout of the service altogether. Log back in after 2-3 minutes and check if the same behaviour persists.

  • MCA
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    Yes. I am noticing it also. It has been happening constantly lately. If I leave it open and unused for longer than 15 minutes, it will drop out. And worse yet, when I log back in, it tells me I am already logged in. So I have to go out and logoff the remote session. Extremely annoying.

  • Ann_9715398
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    Hi Rav,

    This happens randomly, will go to a black screen, then it will say reconnecting to Gateway, or it will show Gateway failed authenticating user token. I will then have to try logging back in sometimes it will return me straight back to where I was and other times, I will get a message telling me I am already logged in and have to then go in and log out of remote sessions. This morning I was away from the computer for 5 minutes and I came back to a black screen with Gateway: Failed authenticating user token.

    I have attempted your suggestion a number of times and issues are still occurring.

  • Pivacadmin
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    This happens to me often and it is very annoying. One of the worst times is either when I am backing up and it logs me out and says Ive not been active - which in turns creates errors and I have to verify my data and start all over again. Today it was doing it whilst doing payroll and uploading STP.

    Can we not be logged out constantly??? It is extremely annoying if you stop working whilst answering a phone call or a co-worker and you come back and whamo!! you have been logged out

  • Glenda_7846464
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    I am having the same issue now. Dropping out every 30 seconds or so!!! Is it something to do with the new year in progress? i.e. 2023 R1 new

    Can someone please provide assistance with this?

  • AlyshaDew
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    @Rav this is happening for me also, it is extremely annoying and time consuming because when it logs me out (usually for inactivity up to 10mins or so) i cant log back in as it says user already logged in. Have to go to control panel, kick myself out and start all over again. Please advise it is extremely frustrating and driving me a little nuts. I believe it started in around April for me. The error whenever it doesnt log back in again is 'Gateway failed authenticating user token'.

  • MCA
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    Yes, the misery persists. They increase their fees and reduce their bandwidth. Kicking more people off. Get off my cloud, Reckon.

  • Pivacadmin
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    Same here - definitely no internet issues but I can even be doing something and it takes forever to save. Check the log-in page and bam have been logged out - very frustrating!!

  • Rav
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    Hi folks,

    I can definitely understand getting interrupted, particularly when you're well into your workflow is never ideal. We're not experiencing any widespread issues across the Hosted service at the moment so I'd strongly suggest getting in touch with our technical support team if you're experiencing constant instances where you're being disconnected while working in your company file.

    To expand on this a bit further, if you're logged into the company file (this is separate to the dashboard screen), you won't, or at least shouldn't, be disconnected provided your internet connection is stable, you haven't used a browser-specific command eg. Back, Forward, Refresh etc and your PC hasn't gone into standby/sleep/hibernate mode etc.

    I know its been mentioned by some already, but I will just reiterate, the quality and speed of your internet connection is probably one of the biggest determining factors here as well.

    The other, but equally important aspect, is the integrity and performance of your company file. Regular maintenance is paramount in ensuring you're getting the best out of your file particularly if its been in use over a number of years and has built up a high volume of data.

    There are a few specific things you can do to make sure your file is in tip top shape and I'll link a few resources below. The second article in particular has some really good info on file maintenance that would be beneficial to incorporate into your workflow.

    Reckon Accounts Hosted - Best Practices & Tips

    How to improve the performance of your Reckon Accounts company file

    Reckon Accounts Hosted disconnecting

    With all of that said, the super-sharp guys and girls in our technical support team are always up for a chat and happy to take a look a closer look at things particularly if you're experiencing this on an ongoing basis. I'd highly recommend giving the team a call on 1300 799 150 or shoot through an online ticket HERE.

    Lastly, it goes without saying but I will address the comment around 'reduced bandwidth'. We're not "reducing bandwidth or kicking users off" the service in any way, shape or form.

  • Kris_Williams
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    I did a lot of work today and had no problems