Cannot move a Liability Account to a new group.

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Hi. I am using Personal Plus (AUS) version. Most accounts can be moved to other groups. The exception appears to be Property and Debt Accounts / Liability Accounts. This is observed both in the Account Details window - account location dropdown and the Change Group window.

Is it possible to have this implemented, or is there a workaround? Manually moving or copying thousands of transactions over 20 years is simply not possible.



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    Hi @batts

    In the menu Edit

    There should be an option Find & Replace

    Then Recategorise.

    Is that how you are trying to move transactions from one account to another?

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    No @Datarec_ReckonLtd nothing to do with recategorisation.

    I had more than 7000 transactions in a liability group account which should be in an asset or cash flow account group. Because it is not possible to re-group a liability account, the only option was to create a new account in the correct group and move 7000+ transactions to the new account.

    The problem was 3 confirmation and/or error messages, each requiring a separate mouse-click or key-press acknowledgement. (There is no ‘do this for the remaining transactions' style option.) The messages are:

    1. Moving a reconciled (R) transaction. Continue?
    2. Deleting transfer to cleared (R) item. Are you sure?
    3. This transaction is a transfer to a split and cannot be deleted here.

    There were thousands of affected reconciled (R) transactions, but perhaps only 50 or so of the split transactions.

    My workaround was to change the Clr status of every transaction in all accounts to Not Reconciled. I was then able to move the transactions in bulk, maybe 700-800 at a time which meant I only had to close the split transaction warning message with the Enter key 50 or so times. Phew!

    At the end of the moving process, the 50 or so split items remained in the original account. Their parents were easily found with the Go To matching transaction command. It was then just a matter of manually amending the category from [old_acct_name] to [new_acct_name] within split in turn.

    Finally I reversed the previously changed Clr status back to Reconciled in all accounts. Done!

    Hint: Remember to change the account name for any scheduled transactions involving the old account. Quicken wouldn't let me delete the old account until this was done.

    Hint: depending on the power of your PC, don’t reconcile or move too many transactions at a time. At one point, halfway through the process I ended up with a Quicken becoming non-responsive. Fortunately it recovered after a while.

    Reckon: years ago there used to be a keyboard shortcut for Go To matching transaction, I think it was Alt X, please bring it back!]