STP Phase 2

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Can anyone tell me do you have to do the QA Business masterclass to get information on what is needed to be done for STP phase two or will Reckon be providing further instructions and if so when. Trying to avoid paying for class if not needed.


  • Rav
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    Hey there Leanne,

    It might sound a tad biased coming from me, but from the overall feedback I've heard the STP Phase 2 Masterclass session is really worthwhile as it goes into a lot of depth and specific advice beyond just software-specific content that you might find really helpful so I'd recommend it.

    Rest assured though, we're going to have a lot of STP Phase 2 content ourselves that will focus specifically on our software including product-specific webinars coming up very soon. I'll have info on this here on Community so stay tuned for that.

    In the intertim though, I'd recommend taking a look at our STP Phase 2 overview guide which I'll link below as it contains a really good outline of the new requirements along with what information you start gathering now so you can get a headstart on your preparation.