STP Phase 2 Migration - is there a tax tracking category for Super?

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Hi there

Just following the Migration Assistant for the first time, at the end it says "...does not include the ability to update your Lump Sum E, Super and Salary Sacrifice items to STP Phase 2 compliant tax tracking types...." So I went to Payroll Lists - went to the Super item, and tried to find a matching tax tracking type (its currently set to none) - is there something I should be choosing for super? I could see some for salary sacrifice etc but nothing for just super? Or do I just leave it as "none"? Thank you!

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  • Rav
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    Hi @Sharlien

    Apologies for the confusion. Super Guarantee does not have any tax tracking type that you need to update to for STP Phase 2.

    Only salary sacrifice and Lump Sum items require manual updating.

    The reference to 'super' in that final screen on the Migration Assistant is erroneous and can be disregarded.


  • Sharlien
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    Brilliant, thank you for your super quick response Rav!