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In Phase 1, I could set up the default password when I send out the payslip. For existing employees, the default password still works. I have added a new employee. Where do I set the default password? The new staff just told me that her payslip is not password-protected.

Also, where can I set up the default message with the payslip? Looks like we are going backward in terms of functionality.

I just realised that ABA file generation is not available now. When will this be ready? At this point, I have to enter a bank transfer one by one. Quite a tedious task when Phase 2 is meant to be easier.



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    Hi @kenl90

    The ability to setup your default message in the payslip email will be added to Reckon Payroll next quarter so that's coming soon. I don't have any info in regard to the option to add password protection to payslips in Reckon Payroll just yet but I'll see what I can find out from the product team on that.

    In regard to ABA files, this can still be generated if you use the Product Switcher to switch back to your Reckon One book and create as you normally have been currently. A new ABA creation experience specific to Reckon Payroll is also on the cards and scheduled currently for next quarter.

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  • kenl90
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    Thanks Rav. Perfect. Product Switcher can generate the ABA file.