Is there an audit trail function for ITEM?

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Hello Team,

Just wondering, is there a way for us to know which user amended an item setting (that had to be done in a single user mode)? The Accountant Audit trail does not seem to be able to do this on an ITEM name level.

Unfortunately, we recently found out in our P&L (month of August) that an item that was supposed to be mapped to our COGS account was changed to the sales / revenue account.

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    Hi Nita

    Yes, the Audit Trail is transactional rather than database-specific however it highlights changes in bold so if you filter it down to that specific Item, you should be able to see which users have used it & therefore, when it changed 🤔

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    Hi @Dianita

    The Audit Trail stores transaction-level changes.

    If you are referring to specific changes to an Item, such its price, description, acccount, etc. that would not be present in the Audit Trail.

    If you are referring to the use of an item in a transaction, that should be present in the audit trail.

    You can test this on a blank new file where you create a new item, save it, and generate the Audit Trail report to confirm whether anything has been recorded.

    Then change some details about the item, then review the Audit Trail report once more to see if any changes are tracked.

  • Dianita
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    Hello Shaz and Reckon Team,

    Thank you, yes, I did run the audit trail and it only listed the amendments on transactional basis, which I do not need.

    What I would like to find out is which user amended the item setting to begin with (before the transactions get changed). It does seem like there is no such report/ trail summary for that, so we will just have to accept the fact that we will never know who amended it or why 😑



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    Hi @Dianita

    Unfortunately, that level of granularity for the Item records is not available in the Audit Trail functionality in the Reckon Accounts product.