Upgraded to Reckon Accounts Desktop 2023? Here's a few important things to know

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Hi everyone!

Congratulations on upgrading to Reckon Accounts 2023! 🎉

Just as an FYI we've put together a little collection of key info that will be handy for you to know 🙂

How do I handle all-purpose allowances with overtime under STP Phase 2 with Reckon Accounts Desktop?

Check out our help guide for detailed information on how to handle all-purpose allowances in Reckon Accounts linked below.

Total Gross in Reckon Accounts under STP Phase 2

Since the start of Single Touch Payroll (STP) in 2018, we have been sending two components via STP submissions; Employer Data and Employee Data.

  • Employer Data includes a total gross and total PAYG for the pay run. This data is included so the ATO can prefill the W1 and W2 fields in the BAS.
  • Employee Data includes the Year to Date (YTD) breakdown of the employee’s pays which is used for completing their Income Statement.

During the lodgment process, we display the total gross & PAYG that is being sent as part of the Employer Data in the Export STP window, as well as GovConnect, so that users can see (and verify) the amounts that are going to be used by the ATO for the BAS Prefill.

  • In STP Phase 1, Salary Sacrifice was linked to gross wages, so both the Employer and Employee gross amounts would be the reduced gross (after Salary Sacrifice).

  • Under STP Phase 2 however, the Salary Sacrifice component has been disaggregated out of the gross amount for the employee record ONLY. The Employer record will still show the balance of total gross AFTER Salary Sacrifice

With our initial release of Reckon Accounts 2023 Desktop we incorrectly removed the Salary Sacrifice amount from the Employer Data, this meant that the total gross was now showing the pre-Salary Sacrificed amounts. This caused the BAS Prefill to be incorrect.

This has been rectified in an updated version of Reckon Accounts 2023 released on 26 August. Employer Data will show the correct amount for BAS Prefill (the amount after Salary Sacrifice) in the updated version of Reckon Accounts 2023 which you'll find more info on HERE.

If you have already updated to the newest version above, there is nothing you need to do.

After selecting the 'Yes' option to update the Super Guarantee rate to 11%, it hasn't updated on the Employee Defaults section in Payroll & Employees preferences. What do I do?

Go to Edit ➡ Preferences ➡ Payroll & Employees ➡ Company Preferences ➡ Employee Defaults ➡ Super Details ➡ Change the rate field to 11%

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