How many prior year annual STP finalisations can be accessed through Reckon Accounts Hosted?


Hi All,

I have a client with a number of prior year STP finalisation filings that have gross wages understated for one employee.

To correct this, how many years can be accessed through the software? For example, Xero you can see all prior years however in MYOB only 2 years are available.

I should add that I don't have access to the client's Reckon file to look myself.

Thanks for your help.


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  • Charley
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    Like Xero you can see all prior years; I've got 20 years here that I can go back thru; you can lock prior years but you can also unlock them


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    @Help_me_Reckon One of the many great things about Reckon Accounts (RA) / Hosted (RAH) is that you can always access all years' data.

    Unlike MYOB that requires rolling over every year, RA / RAH does this automatically for you but doesn't lock anything. (As @Charley mentioned, you still have the option to lock periods if you prefer - which you can unlock at any time with the designated password - but it's not compulsory 😊

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    Re Shaz's advice that you can optionally lock data prior to a specified data, I always lock data after I have completed any BAS/Financial Year.

    I find the benefit of this is that if I try and and process a transaction prior to a date that I have reconciled all my data, then it has to be a very conscious decision and that I have to think twice before I do it. And I also get a warning if I accidently have a typo on an earlier date.