Copy / Paste from external sources into Reckon Accounts Hosted (CTRL + C, CTRL + V)

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Copy / Paste from the local PC clipboard to the Reckon Account Hosted remote clipboard

When using the Reckon Accounts Hosted platform, you may need to copy text from an external source, such as document or web page.

For those users who use a browser such as Firefox, who encounter the situation where the usual keyboard shortcuts do not work, such as the Copy (CTRL + C) or to Paste (CTRL + V), here is an alternative method.



Copy your desired text from the external source webpage or document.

Example: “Our luxurious down pillows are hand-crafted with love in every stitch.”

Locate the Reckon Accounts Hosted ‘toolbox’ floating icon on your screen.

Click on it to expand it (or if already expanded, select the Clipboard icon)

When the remote clipboard appears, paste the text you had just copied into the text area.

Use the CTRL + V keyboard shortcut or right-click and select Paste.

Once the text you had copied from the external source appears inside the remote clipboard, click on the Copy button.

Now the copied text will be available to be pasted into a text field within the Reckon Accounts Hosted application. For example, the text can be pasted into the Description field of an invoice line using the CTRL + V keyboard shortcut.