Accounts Hosted Updated file to 2024 and now can not open the new version and can not restore backup

KellyH Member Posts: 37

This morning I logged into 2023 version without a problem and then a second user tried to log in a few hours later and advised they could not get in and the system was asking to update to 2024. I was not ready to update to 2024 however had no other choice so did a back up and updated to the 2024 version. logged out and then back in and ran some reports without any problem and then my other user tried to do the same and got the error stating they could not log into the 2024 because the 2023 file had been updated. They definitely clicked into the 2024 tab and not the 2023 tab. I have also tried to restore the back up and also tried to open a company file to continue to work until this sorts itself out but I get an error stating an error occurred while trying to access the file. Is this just a technical issue as I wasnt ready to even update to 2024 and for some reason was forced into updating and im now having these issue. Any help would be appreciated