lodge tax file number declarations online

Glen GatlandGlen Gatland Member Posts: 3
when will "lodge tax file number declarations online" be part of the payroll program in Reckon Accounts?


  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Hi Glen,

    Thanks for asking the Reckon Community.

    Lodging TFNs directly from Accounts Business is in the pipeline, but as yet we do not have a release date.

    Watch our communications ahead of normal release periods - April for the next version and June for the Tax Table Update. 

  • MerekiMereki Member Posts: 16
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    Has this happened yet?  I have upgraded to 2015 and the new tax tables but can't locate any instructions for it.  Would be very nice to avoid the paperwork and have this available online.



  • TriciaTricia Member Posts: 8
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    I was also wondering if I can submit this on-line also. Any update from Reckon?

    Many thanks,

  • MirkoMirko Alumni Posts: 2,054 ✭✭
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    Hi All, thanks for your interested. Lodging TFN's is till not available with 2015. It is on the roadmap, but as yet we do not have a time frame for release.
  • NatalieNatalie Member Posts: 29
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    Hi Mirko

    Are we able to lodge TFN declaration through Reckon yet?

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,861 Administrator
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    Hi Natalie,
    This feature is not available just yet. I'll keep the thread updated on any changes to this.

  • JanJan Member Posts: 8
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    Have we got any further in lodging Tax File Numbers???

  • JanJan Member Posts: 8
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled TFN's. Are we any closer to lodging TFN's with Reckon Hosting and Reckon Desktop???

  • Lyndel SmallLyndel Small Member Posts: 1
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    This thread started two years ago ....are we there yet???

  • Sara LucanoSara Lucano Member Posts: 2
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    This feature would be really helpful. Is there any update yet?
  • JanJan Member Posts: 8
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    Yes this true and correct. We are still waiting to lodge via Reckon Accounts
  • JanJan Member Posts: 8
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    No not at the moment
  • Cheryl LantryCheryl Lantry Member Posts: 1
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    Any chance this feature might make it into the 2017 update?  It's very frustrating that we have to keep lodging paper forms.
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