Using QPP 2016 with QPP 2011 data

Brian TosleyBrian Tosley Member Posts: 2
I am planning to buy and install QPP 2016 onto a new laptop. I previously used QPP2011 on a different machine. Are QPP 2011 data files compatible to QPP 2016 ? Can the data files be easily converted for QPP 2016 ?


  • LesLes Member Posts: 35
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    I upgraded from Quicken 2002 and did not have any problems with the data file. Actually no problems at all which was very pleasing. Only issue was had to uninstall Quicken before I could install Reckon. Make sure you have a couple of copies of the data files ie on backup USB and in separate place on hard drive as well as normal location just to be sure.
  • Brian TosleyBrian Tosley Member Posts: 2
    edited February 2017
    Thanks Les for your feedback. I definitely have 3 copies of backup. I do not want to lose 10+ years of data.
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,111 Administrator
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    Hi Brian,

    You'll be able to upgrade directly from Reckon Personal Plus 2011 to Personal Plus 2016, and fully agree with Les above in the recommendation of having a few backups.

    Check out the Personal Plus 2016 installation and upgrade guide for more info here.

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