How many Users can you share your Reckon Hosted file with? i.e. if you have a bookeeper and an Acco

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    For each "User" subscription you can have any number of people using it as long as only one is on at any one time.  So for instance if you have "User" Named OFFICE.  You could log on as OFFICE, your accountant can log on as OFFICE and your book keeper can log on as OFFICE as long as only one of you is on at a time.

    We have 3 Reckon USERS (user accounts) that we "share" between 6 people and two accountants.  The accountants only need the odd time and some of our staff only log on to enter and invoice or view a report.  We split our USERS by physical branch so easier then to communicate who is logged on as if you log on when someone else is logged on you terminate their session.
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    An accountant should have their own Professional Partner registration, which includes hosted licences.

    If you get their ID you can share the file with their ID, from the control panel.

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    Thank you Shayne.

    I understand about the 'Users' and only one logging in at any one time.  But I have a client who has shared her file with her bookkeeper and when I log into Reckon Accounts Hosted and try to share the file with myself (through Control Panel), the company file is not listed to 'share'.  We cannot get into the company file as my client has forgotten her password (she didn't think she changed it but it won't let her in).  So I thought I might have been able to 'Share' the file (in Control Panel) and log in as another User.  Anyway, it wouldn't let me so  I am assuming you are only allowed to 'share' a file with one external party.

    I dislike community forums.  I want to ask Reckon a question and I want an answer from Reckon.  Instead we are forced to post questions on this community forum and wait for lovely Reckon users, such as yourself,  to comment.

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    That's what I tried to do but it wouldn't list the company file to 'share'.  She has shared the file once already with her bookkeeper (with the bookkeepers PP ID).
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    If the file has already been shared out then you need to select Managed Share Folder Access and add the ID there.
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    The person who uploaded the file ie. your client needs to share the file to you. You cannot share their file to yourself, you can only share your own files (that is, the files you upload).

    There is no limit to the number of people you can share it to, however each user must be a paid Reckon Accounts Hosted licence holder.

    If your client has forgotten their password, they can go through the "Forgotten Password" option on the login page of Hosted here

    If you're not a fan on Community forums, Accounts Hosted includes free live phone support so that you can speak to a technician on a one-on-one basis.

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    I logged in with my client's user name and password and went into their control panel to share the file.  I always do this when sharing my client's file - it's just easier for me to do it then try and explain to them how to do it.  Ok - thank you - so you can share the file with several Reckon licence holders.   I must be doing something wrong.  I will have another go.

    Re: Password - It is the company file password not the password to get onto Reckon Hosted that is the problem.  My client rang Reckon and got a very rude consultant named Suzanne and got the run around and was told it would cost $300+ for Reckon to look at it.

    After discussing the situation with my client, we have realized there never was a password on that company file - it is a new company file they setup when they changed from a partnership to a company 12 months ago and the old partnership Reckon file had a password but the new one does not.  It is the new one she cannot get into and she logs into it regularly every couple of days.  She had a short break while her laptop was getting fixed and now it is asking her for a password.  My client is going to ring Reckon again and explain that and see what Reckon can do for her.

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    Worked out what I was doing wrong.  Shared company files now.  Thank you
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    Aaaahhh, that's what I was doing wrong.

    Thank you so much

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    Glad you worked out to share the second and subsequent times following Rav's instructions.  If you don't think you should have a password on the data file, just leave it blank and click OK..... hopefully that works?

    Regards, Robyn Kelly

    Accredited Partner.

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    Yeah tried that already....didn't work.  But thanks anyway.  She's going to have to get back onto Reckon Support.  I had another client have their company file suddenly ask for a password when they'd never had one before after an update earlier this year so I am thinking it is the same thing.
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    Is the user name Admin?  Capital A?  Or did she change it?
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    Where do we get their ID

    Do I have to contact Reckon direct to get one?

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