ABA file opens in WORD instead of downloading as an ABA file

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Hi everyone can someone please help us. on reckon we would like to download an ABA file from my Live Q server to save on our computer to upload into the banking. For some reason we cant download it anymore and the file just opens with word. what can we do? we need help ASAP


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    Hi Shear Power.  I had a similar problem as this a couple of years ago.  By some quirk, it would open when I downloaded it.  The download from Live Q should save it to a nominated folder on your computer.  What I did and what I suggest that you do is to ignore what you think is the Word file, and instead, just upload it to your online banking module, from your hard drive, as usual.  It should have saved onto you computer as an ABA file, and that is the main thing.  Try this and see how you go.

    John L G

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    The default program to open .aba files has changed to Word. Right click and change 'open this file with' to Notepad. Notepad is plain text and can be used to read and amend aba files. Or go to Notepad and open the file from notepad. Make sure to save with .aba file extension. Andrea
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    Hi John, we eventually got it to upload yesterday and you are correct! Thank you very much!
  • Shear PowerShear Power Member Posts: 3
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    Thank you Andrea, all sorted! :) 
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    Check the settings on your browser, there you can set you preferences for the *.aba extension, to simply download or open with?
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    where do i find this? 

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