Salary Sacrifice Super not Showing on Payment Summary Reckon Accounts Premier 2016

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Hi there, We have an employee salary sacrificing to super once for the first pay run in FY16 (20/06/15-03/07/15) for amount A, and then sacrificed amount B and C during April-May 2016. We used the same set up for all payroll transactions. However, when I generate Payment Summary for her, only B+C are showing up in the Reportable Super section whereas the correct amount should be A+B+C. Can anyone help? I suspect Reckon may think the first one belongs to FY15? But the payment date is 03/07/15, so it should still be included in FY16. Thanks in advance. Shawn


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    Can someone provide some help please?
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    Hi Shawn,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Please run a Super Report by Employee Report and identify the Contribution Type for the "A" contribution.  Is it SS?

    If it is SS, what was the date this pay run was paid to the employee?

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi John, just generated the Super Report by Employee for period 01/07/15 - 30/06/16. The Contribution type is SS for that super payment, and the payment date is 03/07/2015.
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    Hi Shawn,

    There's an option under the Employees record to not be included in RESC calculations, it may be that this option was ticked at the time of processing the first pay which is why it isn't being included.

    Edit the Employee, under the Super Details window make sure 'Exempt from Reportable Employer Super Contributions' is not selected.

    Then double click on the Pay that isn't appearing as RESC.

    Click 'Unlock Net Pay', (Before doing this, make a note of all the amounts on the pay in case any get recalculated)

    Click into the Rate field for the SS Item and retype the amount, ie if the amount is $100, just retype 100.

    Click OK and save the Pay, now if you re-open the Payment Summary window, this amount should be included in RESC. (if the Payment Summaries window was open in the background, you will have to close and then re-open it for the change to take effect)
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    Hi Neil, thanks for your help. I checked the employee set-up and all seems fine. I delete and re-enter the SS amount then save, payment summary still doesn't pick up the amount on Reportable Super. What I did to fix this: I delete the original payroll transaction and re-enter the transaction again with exactly the same data. Now it works... Quite a mystery...
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    HI All,

    My salary sacrifice amounts in Payment summaries seems to be reporting more than what was actually deducted.  It varies from person to person.  I have tried deleting the Salary Sacrifice payroll item out when it was not used for certain pays, but that does not seem to fix.

    I have also rebuilt data with no success.

    Any other solutions to try?

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    Hi All, I have 3 employees that have Salary sac deductions for 1 the payroll total and the PAYG Summary are the same but for the other 2 there is a difference. Any solution?
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    Hi Zoe and Duncan,

    Preferences > Payroll & Employees > untick the SA & CA option and now check the amounts to see if they are correct.

    If not, generate the Super details by employee Report and have a look at the 'Super Type' column, filter these results by code, extract the SS and EA codes and tally them. Does this match your RESC?

    Finally, be mindful that the payment summary is determined on date paid of when the employee was actually paid and not the pay period it was intended for.

    Hope this helps

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    Hi Rav, Thank you, however this has not solved my problem. For the 2 employees 3 pay periods out of 26 have not been accounted for but I am unable to locate them. Any additional thoughts?
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    Any feedback from this because I have tried all the suggestions above, and I am only seeing 1 salary sacrifice amount on the Payment Summary?
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    Had the same issue I also finally deleted that particular pay cheque & reprocessed it & worked.

    Thank you this helped.
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